Main Function of Department
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General Office

1. To coordinate comprehensively of the specific work of important events of CCPIT Foshan.

2. To liaise, receive and conduct business exchanges with CCPIT, CCPIT Guangdong, other subcounciles and branch councils.

3. To supervise the proceedings of resolves by the chairman meetings of CCPIT Foshan.

4. To coordinate different departments of CCPIT Foshan. To be responsible for such administrative affairs as secretarial and confidential work, archive management, infrastructure construction, housing management and medical care and medical insurance.

5. To be responsible for establishment, letters and visits receptions, care of retired senior officials, education and trainning, financial affairs, assets management, logistics and security.

6. To serve as the secretariat of CCOIC Foshan.





Commercial Law Department (Certification Department)

1. To offer legal counseling services from international economy and trade, finance, taxation, trademark, patent, technical cooperation, insurance and maritime affairs, ets...

2. To process economic and trade or maritime arbitration cases, mediate economic and trade disputes, urge performances, apply for copyright and protect intellectual property on agency basis.

3. To issue Certificate of Origin for export goods.

4. To issue International Commercial Certificates, and to apply for consular authentication on agency basis with respect to foreign - related commercial and trade, invitation letter, Certificate of Force Majeure, and trade paper or documents on a regulated fee basis.

5. To perform the statistics on certification data and report to the upper authorities.

6. To implement rules of origin of export goods of China, and to be responsible for registration, survey and annual review of enterprises applying for Certificate of Origin. And, to conduct training program for companies processing staff.

7. To issue ATA Carnets.

8. To responsible for EDI system of CCPIT.


Tel: +86-757-82510530, +86-757-82583232 (Certification)

       +86-757-82108785 (Commercial Legal Affairs)

Legal Aid hotline:+86-757-82211568

Fax: +86-757-82510529



Exhibition and Information Department

1. To develop ties and liasions with industrial and commercial circles and relevant organizations of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

2. To manage and supervise domestic and international exhibitions sponsored, cosponsored, organized or supported by relative organizations in Foshan.

3. To organize delegations to attend or participate overseas exhibitions or expositions, and to organize business visits abroad.

4. To conduct domestic and international economic survey, and to collect, edit, deliver and publish economic and trade information.

5. To maintain office automation, network construction of CCPIT Foshan.






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